Facility Engineering & Design
Facility Engineering & Design
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Murray Equipment knows liquid and dry material manufacturing. When you partner with MEI to build your new facility or upgrade your existing plant, you have total access to MEI’s team to ensure your success. Between inside sales, outside sales, support, and engineering we have over 300 years of industry experience at your disposal.

Facilities Design

Murray Equipment employs a full in-house engineering team whose designs are serving thousands of customers across North America and the world. This wide customer-base places us in a unique position to take industry-best practices, cutting-edge technology, and latest in engineering and fuse them with your ideas to address the challenges you are facing.

When you engage MEI, we don’t just attempt to sell you a cookie-cutter solution. We begin by listening to our customers’ current needs and accounting for future growth. By doing so, we can help save you money in the long-term to help you anticipate and manage your facility growth. From equipment choices, layout, and levels of automation, we engineer a solution that specifically addresses your needs and helps you realize your goals.

Systems Design

Murray Equipment specializes in systems design. Our engineers are continually designing systems to improve efficiencies for fertilizer, chemical, feed, grain, and fuel industries. As our name indicates, we know equipment. This collective knowledge is in every system from pump and meter assemblies to fully-automated batching systems.

When designing a new facility or renovating an existing facility, our team can help ensure from layout to equipment to automation you are getting the most from your investment.