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Dry Fertilizer
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Murray Equipment is a manufacturer and distributor of liquid handling equipment and automation for agribusinesses and chemical companies.  As such, we offer a full line of liquid handling storage, meters, pumps, hoses, pipes, valves, strainers and more.  We also house a full team of engineers.  

If your engineering team is looking to tackle a project that requires the measurement, storage, and/or movement of liquids, engage Murray Equipment, Inc. as a one-stop supplier of parts.  Have specific requirements and concerns?  No worries.  We understand.  Speak to a highly technical sales rep or engineer to understand which products will best suit your liquid, project, and financial requirements.

  Dry Fertilizer Solutions

Pumps, Meters, & Other System Compon…

Murray Equipment is your one-stop-shop for all your liquid handling needs. From large custom facilit...